The Lore

Rogue Nation is set in a mythical world. The all-powerful yet mysterious monolith has been shattered, distributing its power worldwide and bringing bizarre events to the world's biomes. The appearance of otherwordly portals, extreme magical powers, and —strangest of all— the untamed spread of sentience are now commonplace.

Emergent Narrative

Rogue Nation focuses on world-building while allowing players to build and contribute their character's narratives to the game. Emergent gameplay is a term used to describe gameplay created by the players instead of scripted by the developers. This type of gameplay is often very unpredictable and can lead to exciting and unexpected outcomes.

With Rogue Nation, Moonlit Games wants to push beyond linear narrative and unlock the potential for each player to create their own story. This goes beyond players simply choosing how to approach each situation in dialog but building their own unique story through their actions.

AI copywriting will add each action taken with a character, pet, and weapon to their unique lived history. This diversity of recorded activities allows players to tell their stories and adds replayability to the game. In Rogue Nation, this collection of stories is called The Book of Rogues.

The Book of Rogues

This feature gives a player's actions life in the game. They have a living history as they accomplish deeds and achievements. Players will be able to access this information about characters, pets, and weapons, as well as their relationships with each other. This is a valuable resource, as it may help them make better decisions during gameplay.

The book breaks each entry into tiers depending on the difficulty of its accomplishments. Meaning that rare and powerful items have high potential, but to achieve acclaim in The Book, they must have a played history to match. Think of Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones aiming to gain entry into The White Book. While only the best can gain entry, that is not enough for the greats. Those like Jamie want entries that surpass just a few paragraphs.

Great characters will be inspectable to other players and act as a loose guide to follow. Allowing players to peacock while giving visibility to notable actions, relationships, and deeds will be factored into this larger player-driven narrative. Players can then make better gameplay decisions, as they can quickly see how different accomplishments might affect their characters.

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