In Rogue Nation, players bring their unique characters into fast-paced dungeon runs. Strategically choosing specific characters and loadout is as important as skill. Loadout composition and synergies matter, as does ability usage, aiming, and skill to dodge enemy attacks!

The action takes place in isometric, 3/4 landscapes orientation, navigated by virtual twin-stick and gamepad that control the character's movement, aim and ability usage. Free and open movement allows the player to explore dungeon rooms and corridors while facing monsters on the way to clearing the way to the dungeon boss.

A combo attack system allows skilled players who correctly time monster kills to rack up huge scores that result in larger rewards. The player uses these rewards to power up characters and weapons, which permits them to take on increasingly epic challenges.

During team play, traditional RPG roles like Tank, Healer, DPS, and Support are valuable, but players have varying paths during gameplay. Rogue Nation's most challenging content tests skills in aggro management, healing output, and damage output.

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