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Core Loop

In Rogue Nation, players get transported into procedurally generated dungeons to complete challenges and find loot.
Every dungeon is a unique adventure into the world's biomes (environments) and is filled with various monsters, traps, and bosses to match. In addition, players earn rewards such as resources, currency, and equipment for completing an entire run without dying.
Players spend these rewards upgrading characters, weapons, and other equipment. Becoming stronger allows the player to take on more demanding challenges.
Scalability and replayability are critical to the success of Rogue Nation. With procedurally generated dungeons, no two dungeons are alike, meaning players need diverse characters to tackle various challenges. As a result, loadout, faction, class, and elemental synergies all play a role in the success or failure of any given run.
For example, attacks that cause elemental fire damage have their attack buffed when attacking ice element enemies but take on more significant damage from water attackers.
Players unlock more difficult dungeons as they power up their loadout and conquer previous tests. A diverse roster will ensure the highest chance of success.