Weapons are an essential part of Rogue Nation. They provide players with the ability to deal damage to their enemies and can help them survive the most dangerous situations. Various kinds of weapons are available in the game, with each instance of a weapon having its own unique statistics. For instance, some weapons are better at dealing damage, while others are better at slowing enemy attacks. It is up to the player to find the weapon that best suits their needs and play style.

A fitting weapon can give players the edge they need to dispose of their enemies. In addition, many weapons have special passive abilities that can help the player in various ways. For example, a weapon that can slow down enemies will be invaluable when faced with a demanding and agile boss. In contrast, a weapon that can do Area of Effect (AoE) damage would be helpful with massive hoards of minions.

Overall, weapons are crucial to the player-driven experience of Rogue Nation, helping players survive and thrive in even the most dangerous situations. The customizability to a player's loadout and playstyle hinges on their weapon choice, so choosing fitting attachments for the task is paramount.


Attachments are Shards, Achievements, or other in-game items that a player can earn and use to customize their gaming experience further. Some attachments may provide a minor gameplay advantage, while others may be cosmetic. The type of attachment dictates how and where it can be used.

For example, weapon attachments can improve the weapon's accuracy, damage, or range. The flexibility of attachments allows players to curate their preferences and play styles. Attachments offer players a way to personalize their play, whether seeking an edge over the competition or showing off their accomplishments.


Unlike a character's Relics (more significant pieces), Shards are the smaller fragments of what once made up the great Monolith. Their size makes them perfect for socketing into weapons, imbuing them with special powers and making them vital to the weapons system.

They provide players with the ability to enhance their weapons and make them even more powerful. Various shards are available in the game, each with unique stats and passive powers. Some shards are better at enhancing damage than others, while others are better at increasing the weapon's durability. It is up to the player to find the shard that best suits their needs and playstyle.

Shards are extremely helpful in battle, providing players with the edge they need to achieve the most challenging objectives. Weapon Shards are an essential part of Rogue Nation and should not be underestimated.

Achievements (DnA)

Just as Deeds are recorded for characters, weapons also have their collection of achievements. Perks from a weapon's achieved deeds can be toggled on and off for additional bonuses, just like for characters. For example, a weapon with a high damage output would also benefit from a deed's activated perk that increases damage dealt by a certain percentage. Deeds can be used to improve many aspects of a weapon, such as its attack speed or durability.

Create Legendary Weapons

Just like characters can be leveled up to increase their power, weapons can too. Weapons in Rogue Nation have their own progression as they are used repeatedly to achieve increasingly challenging tasks.

By collecting more weapons and disassembling the ones they don't need, players can get their hands on weapon materials. If a player's weapon of choice has seen sufficient action in battle, these materials can be used to increase that weapon's power. This affects the weapon's stats and the number of deeds that can be toggled on simultaneously.

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