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Digital Asset Ownership

Moonlit Games believes in the power of digital asset ownership but not the added complexity of asset management.
Rogue Nation employs a collection-based release schedule for live events and in-game seasons. Each event and season has a set number of digital assets tied to its reward pool that ties to the size of the user base.
For example, a box set release of a card game bases the number of cards printed in each set based on parameters such as player base size, rarity tiers, and reprints.
Rogue Nation digitizes this approach while allowing for new variables and a faster ability to adjust the output to ensure a sustainable digital asset economy.


In all living things, DNA is essential for passing on information, coding proteins, and providing instructions for life and its processes. It all starts with DNA.
Moonlit Games uses a new DnA (Deeds and Achievements) system that replicates the real thing. Ensuring each item is unique on the acquisition and continues to develop as players interact meaningfully with the game.
Using the on-chain activity of the player's actions while using characters and items permits more emergent systems. Moonlit's DnA (Deeds and Achievements) system grants users the power to create and contribute to the game ecosystem as they progress in the game and story.
Using unique and ownable digital assets in mobile games offers several benefits that can improve player engagement and retention. By giving players ownership over their digital assets, players will be more invested and stickier. More importantly, using NFTs can create unique in-game experiences that are not possible with traditional game assets.