Rogue Nation has an extensive roster of unique characters that can be collected, developed, and visually customized according to player preference. The game features a variety of progression paths for each character, allowing players to experiment and find what suits them best for the challenges ahead. As collection and modification are at the core of Rogue Nation's experience, we’ll dive deeper into how this can be achieved.

Every character is based on two easily identifiable factors — personality and shape. This is important for any multiplayer game because shape recognition is essential in quickly identifying what a potential friend or foe can do. Let's break down how each of these contributes:

  • Personality brings unique abilities that only this type of character will have. If you see a Stache personality, you can anticipate what skills this character has. But this is only a portion of the flexibility given to players.

  • Body Type indicates a character's upgraded path, resulting in base stat redistribution. Players can adapt their characters with six shapes to fit the play style they want. But be careful; not all options are created equal.

Rogue Nation creates real player agency through several avenues to progress and customize characters. This can be done by equipping them with attachments, some of which are found in the world, while others are earned through Rogue Nation's DnA system.


Attachments are Relics, Achievements, or other in-game items that players can earn. Some attachments may provide a minor gameplay advantage, while others may be cosmetic. The type of attachment will dictate how and where it can be used.

Character attachments usually provide a passive boost to stats or abilities. The flexibility of attachments allows players to tailor their game experience to their play style. Whether seeking an edge over the competition, making it possible to beat that next boss, or showing off their accomplishments, attachments offer players a way to fundamentally personalize their gaming experience.


Relics are larger runic items, once part of the great monolith, that have been repurposed to harness specific powers. In short, they are used to boost the character's statistics. They are persistent and remain with the character, but in case a character dies, there is a chance one of their relics might break.

Relics can be found in the environment or purchased from vendors. Their rarity levels are important, with rarer relics providing more significant boosts. Optimally boosting a character requires specific types of relics, necessitating awareness of which ones to go after. Relics allow players to tailor their loadout to their specific playstyle and are an essential part of the attachment system that can give players a significant advantage in combat.

Great Deeds (DnA)

Distinguished characters are supposed to be distinguished by their deeds, but games often stick to linear designs where every player follows the same path. Rogue Nation changes this experience through its DnA, allowing players to collect, display, and benefit from their character's unique experiences. This can include soloing a mighty dragon in an event to rescuing a damsel in distress. Over time characters will accrue deeds as they complete runs and events. These deeds become helpful as they provide buffs that can be toggled on/off within a limit.

Ultimately, deeds are one of the things that make specific characters worth more as they become more versatile with the more deeds they have acquired. A character that has gained many deeds inherently becomes more flexible through their buff options.

By providing players with the DnA system, Rogue Nation provides a way to create emergent player-driven narratives while character progression becomes a matter of choice, not a grind. Deeds are another opportunity to grant a sense of ownership over a player's game experience.

In addition, deeds and achievements can add an element of competition between friends or others playing the same game. This is done through our rotational and scarcity-based liveops that give specific access to these opportunities for a limited time.


In Rogue Nation, cosmetics can be equipped onto characters, sometimes drastically changing their appearance. Rare or unique decorative items will become available through multiple means, like normal gameplay, events, IAP, and more. For example, a player might find a legendary gem that gives their character a flaming aura. Or they might equip another that turns their skin to stone.

Cosmetics make characters more visually distinct from one another and make them stand out from the crowd. In a multiplayer game, this can help players identify their allies and enemies at a glance.

Leveling up a Character

By completing tasks and engaging with different game modes, Rogue Nation players earn personality-specific points and a Coin currency. Players can increase a character's level when they acquire enough of both. This directly improves a character's base stats and the potency of their abilities.

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