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Pets are core to the player's loadout and provide unique benefits to the player's characters. Various pets are available in the game, each with unique looks, abilities, and stat modifiers. Switching out a character's active pet can be done easily before engaging with any of Rogue Nation's game modes.
Pets can be extremely helpful in battle, providing backup when things get tough. They can also distract enemies —giving the player time to escape or mount a counterattack— heal allies invaluable in large group fights, or stun enemies - which could come in handy when facing tough bosses.
This means some pets are more suited for combat than others, while some are better at performing specific tasks such as gathering resources. It's up to the player to own and equip the pet that best suits their needs and play style for the current activity.
Moreover, pets can also have non-combat bonuses like granting access to new areas and hidden secrets exclusive to the specific pet's owner.
Pets are helpful companions and shouldn't be undervalued. An extensive collection of varying pets is necessary since equipping the right pet could be the difference between success and failure. Also, they're pretty darn cute!

Rogue Nation's first pets

Elemints, Ellies for short, are Rogue Nation's first creatures to accompany players. Ellies are multidimensional (and interdimensional) sources of companionship and aid in battle.
Each Ellie is unique in its looks and design. Each Ellie controls one of eight elemental powers and gives the player's character increased attack power with that element.